Thursday , 22 February 2024
Some reporters who met with some policemen are already talking about custody. Since the middle of May 2nd’s afternoon, Fidele and Lalatiana, both reporters for the Free FM radio station, are being investigated at police station Betongolo, in response to a complaint lodged by a contractor very closely connected to the presidency of the transition.

Lalatiana Rakotondrazafy and Fidele Razara Pierre : an in depth investigation at the police station

 Lalatiana Rakotondrazafy and Fidele Razara Pierre are holding the action as a way to silence them. For several months, their radio program on Free FM’s waves has been being quite critical against the transitional power. Both journalists used to be supporters of the head of the transition, Andry Rajoelina, and even worked in his station, Viva, before being kicked out. Then they created Free FM and revived their radio program “Anao ny Fitenenana”, regularily denouncing the transitional power’s repeated abuses.