Monday , 4 July 2022
The Embassy of Senegal in Antananarivo has closed its doors. This was one of Dakar’s strategic choices. The Ambassador of the Republic of Senegal, Cesar Coly, in the country since 2006, definitely waved goodbye.

Madagascar, a less relevant country to Senegal


Relationships between Senegal and Madagascar have been meeting various fortunes over the years. Senegal has been playing the leading role twice in a row in the attempt to reconcile the Malagasy people divided by two crises. In 2002, President Abdulaye Wade met in Dakar, Marc Ravalomanana and Didier Ratsiraka. In 2009, shortly after the putsch, negotiations between conflicting parties have resumed at Senegal’s embassy’s facilities. “My country has always been pushing for the reconciliation for the Malagasy people” said Cesar Coly has in his farewell speech inside the Foreign affairs building.