Sunday , 2 October 2022
The area of Mantasoa is famed islandwide by his artificial freshwater lake suited to nearly every kind of nautical hobby. To make a long story short, Mantasoa embodyies what everyone expects from an ideal place for a break. The peaceful lake of Mantasoa has long been a magnet for nationals and foreign tourists. Located some 45 miles away from Antananarivo city, Mantasoa happens to be one of the best options to anyone longing for leaving the stressing noisy city life behind for a while

Mantasoa, an attraction merely 45 miles away from the capital city

Actually, the village of Mantasoa possesses just as much recreation as the lake to offer. During the Malagasy royal era, a certain Jean Laborde chosed to settle down and set his business in Mantasoa up. This French national used to work closely for Madagascar’s queen, and errected a factory in 1830 precisely in Mantasoa, a decent place located not far away from an iron mine,  and available water and firewood reserves. In Mantasoa, he built a iron processing industry which produced weapons and powder, as well as various construction tools. Jean Laborde’s home and factory in Mantasoa are, just as the lake, worth the look.