Monday , 15 July 2024
The second regular session of the National Assembly might be as hectic as ever. Kolo Roger's government has make do with a majority which lost its stability and resist the Mapar parliamentarian group's assaults, expected to enforce the appointment of a prime minister of its choice, and invite the president to comply with the Constitution. The year 2015's Finance Act provides the opportunity to challenge the ruling power. The acting government has, in addition to this, a decentralization act related to the division of the capital into six municipalities and eventually to the creation of hundreds of new communes, allegiance of which are supposed to be promised to the ruling party, to put through.

National Assembly: a majority! the vote of the year 2015’s Finance Act for a majority!

The resumption of parliamentarian working sessions in Tsimbazaza on the 3rd Tuesday of the month of October 2014 was hot. All eyes were focused on the HVM group which wanted… needed to renew its commitment to president Rajaonarimampianina. “As you know, we were elected as independents. It took 7 of us to create this group and we are thirty today” recalled the leader of the HVM supportive group at the national assembly. Lova Razafindrafito argues that “the membership into the HVM parliamentarian group is opened and free from charges, and no one has to fear to be forced out.” Such a speech is motivated by the fact that some deputies like the charismatic Siteny Randrianasoloniaiko happen to be attempted to leave the neo presidential party. “Some parliamentarians may have produced statements in the press, nobody has yet been formalizing his withdrawal from the party,” tempered Lova Razafindrafito while calling upon sense of political ethics from each and everyone. Parliament member Siteny asserted that his issue with the HVM had nothing to do with Marc Ravalomanana’s recent come back home.
As far the Ravalomanana political sphere is concerned, its pull out from the platform for the presidential majority is officially complete. Its sphere members do not bother giving care about addressing the budget in a parliamentarian session. According to some leaks collected back and forth, they would jointly give the same common answer, namely “no”. For the time being, TIM party’s parliamentarians are vastly more concerned with the fate of Marc Ravalomanana, “exiled in Antsiranana,” “detained in custody under house arrest.” The radicalization of their position may be expected to emerge as the first consequence of the eventually lightly management of the former president’s fate by the ruling power. The enemy of someone’s enemy being one’s friend, a previously much unlikely alliance between the Mapar and the Ravalomanana sphere would eventually be in the air. “No, there is no way the shadow of any alliance is anywhere in sight, we merely addressed the whole situation in the country,” commented a member of the Rajoelina supportive side.
The Mapar parliamentarian group actually expects President Rajaonarimampianina to constitute the new large majority it needs anew, and would fancy an opportunity to be back on track. According to parliament member Christine Razanamahasoa, her group will again put a prime minister of its choice forth, and leave the decision to the chief of state. Could the current presidential majority keep on crumbling at the parliament, the government might be forced out. The short lived former head of the National Assembly is eager to enact her own version of national reconciliation. The Mapar requires preconditions, among others the president’s compliance with the law and the Constitution, in other words first and foremost the appointment of a prime minister originated from the Rajoelina supportive group which is now by now in control of the largest number of seats beyond doubts. Bargaining keeps developing until the majority finally decides which side to favor.