Monday , 4 July 2022
A traffic network for some of the Great Isle’s protected animal species has been dismantled. Chameleons, frogs and turtles from Madagascar have been seized by the Malaysian customs.

Protected species in Madagascar, seized in Malaysia

A couple of women have been arrested following the discovery of those protected species hidden in their luggage. The cargo could have returned some 70,000 US dollars in Malaysia.

Both suspects have quite a lot to lose in such a case, namely a very heavy fine or even jail sentences. What has been done with the seized animals has not yet been made clear. The Malagasy environment ministry is calling upon a quick repatriation.

It is not the first ever seizure of that kind in Malaysia. Few weeks ago, one hundred turtles have been spotted by Malaysian customs in a couple of suspected suitcases at Kuala Lumpur’s airport