Saturday , 21 May 2022
When invited to speak on the FREE FM station’s radio waves, Roland Ratsiraka, the vice president of the transitional superior council (CST), revealed that would have called upon the current main transitional leaders, including Andry Rajoelina, to step down, regarding their political failure. His boss would have turned the offer down.

Revelations : Roland Ratsiraka calling upon Rajoelina and the other transitional leaders to step down

“Let us step down altogether,” so sounded Roland Ratsiraka’s proposal. He certainly did not want to do it all alone. The former mayor of the eastern seaside city of Toamasina is now speaking with an opponent’s tone. He declared to be convinced that the current imposed leadership’s incompetence into driving the country out of from crisis. So what? Well, Andry Rajoelina refused to leave the transitional presidency, so  Roland Ratsiraka does not consider his resignation as useful