Sunday , 2 October 2022
The RTA channel has recently been indirectly getting rid of its animators specialized in entertainment shows. Its new owner’s political ambitions are gradually transforming the whole channel’s face.

RTA, the entertainment channel is about to become a political channel

The RTA TV channel has been famed for over a decade by its entertainment programs and movies. Its Pazzapa music and reality TV show got the largest share of audience. The show’s designers and animators, just as its avatar, Vox Pop, left the ship.
RTA is officially swapping colors. The channel’s owner Edgar Razafindravahy is in need of a politically oriented channel and not of an entertainment one as current Chairman of the capital city’s Special Delegation, named by Andry Rajoelina when he was himself promoted as transitional leader after his putsch. He will need a string but not a political entertainment channel.
RTA was a channel originally founded by the Italian national Ottavio Ermini, in 1996, then sold to French businessmen, and finally to the group belonging to Edgar Razafindravahy.