Thursday , 1 December 2022
The decentralized Angaredona festival is launching its second edition in Toamasina

The decentralized Angaredona festival : in for the second edition

Toamasina city will be hosting the Angaredona festival’s edition number 2 from Friday, September 24th to the 26th at the Lambahoany center of Tanamakoa. Reporters heard about it on Friday evening from Tamatave’s French Triple Alliance. The Tremplin project has actually been in charge of this event since the latest year, and cooperates with Rajery and the Rajery’s friends association which founded the festival. Various artists from Toamasina, as Ara Dimy, Mivehy, or Sodifafana are going to perform, and the the Ara Dimy band is meant to be representing Toamasina city when the festival will be taking place in Antananarivo. A band named Ny Voanio is equally in for it. This edition of the Angaredona festival is namely aiming at developing Toamasina’s musical culture, as well as unveiling new musical talents. The Tremplin project is being expected to promote Toamasina’s artists abroad

Tribute to Mahaleo’s Raoul

Sylvain Rakoto, from the Tremplin project, equally revealed that a special tribute will be paid to the late Raoul during this Angaredona festival’s second edition. Raoul was part of the Tremplin project’s founding fathers  within Toamasina’s French Alliance

The Ny Zanaboanio band is formed

The formation of the 6 members strong Ny Zanaboanio  band has been made public on Friday September 17th . “Medley” is already being heard on TV and on the radio, as one of their singles