Wednesday , 6 July 2022
Inaction has been being blamed on he Kolo Roger government over the latest months. Rumors of governmental reshuffle have been going louder and louder around. Prime Minister Kolo Roger declared his readiness to leave his position if need be. This decides however only the President.

The Prime Minister bound to hit the road… eventually

The MIDI MADAGASCAR newspaper stated that: “Prime Minister Kolo Roger does not intend to resist any further, could the rumors over his forced withdrawal ever prove to be true. Instead, he would willingly comply with the need for democratic changes and eventually show evidence of his personal political maturity. Indeed, in the run of the “Land property Week” started yesterday at the City Hall of Analakely, the tenant of the Palace of Mahazoarivo declared: “I would leave my position if the President ever requires me to. I would not resist his decision. The will be no problem at all, for the interest of 22 millions of Madagascans lays above all” This statement reveals the Prime Minister’s formal will to be found worthy of his statute of Raiamandreny, in spite of the attacks and libels directed against him. He might consequently not battle to keep in charge at all.”