Sunday , 24 September 2023
Rampaging insecurity throughout the southern regions of Madagascar has inevitably led to local economic downturn and its social fallouts. As a response, the federation of royal traditional communities in Madagascar (FCRTM) hosts a charity fundraising event in order to raise support.

traditional royal communities in for a telethon for the South

The traditional royal communities jointly raised the issue related to “the resumption of insecurity in Madagascar, namely in Betroka, Amboasary, Belo over Tsiribihina, Manja, Bezaha, Ihosy, Befotaka” while expressing their concern caused by “the decline of Malagasy cultural values to the point of having brothers slaying each other as settlement of feuds and thefts.” Their concern has never been that big so far. In the same speech, the federation of royal traditional communities in Madagascar (FCRTM) said to be eventually dreading the possible outbreak of genocide in the South of the country. Beside the fundraising event deemed to be held from June 14th to June 21st, a interregional conference is expected to develop and focus on the recovery of peace, reconciliation and security. This conference will take place in the Ihorombe region in July. The federation of royal traditional communities in Madagascar (FCRTM) led by Zoendreniny Elakovelo, princess of the Mahafaly realm, remains adamant on the assumption that the use of force does not prove enough to settle insecurity and insecurity related issues in the South of Madagascar.