Wednesday , 6 December 2023
Death has claimed a young and farsighted artist. In the night of January 7th, Ratovondrahona Liantsoa, aka Tsôly, unexpectedly passed away. Friends, relatives, all of them and everyone else was caught unprepared. How could they not? He had barely turned 30, said his virtuoso friend Silo.

Tsôly, from the SDF band has gone

All over the 1990’s, Silo, Tsôla, Seta founded the SDF band (Simple Defiance of Fancy). The band has been rising up and conquered a status of its own in the world of Jazz music. Clearly taken aback, none of his friends hold Tsôly’s demise but as a disaster. The young man used to be a human being enjoying life as well as an inspired artist. Even though being consumed by work, he managed to remain the way he always used to be.