Thursday , 1 December 2022
The pro-Ravalomanana demonstrators currently conduct a collection of signatures in order to lodge a complaint against those who wrecked the public radio and television facilities on January 26th.

A complaint against the attackers of RNM and TVM


There they go. The petition is on. The legalistic demonstrators, who claim the return of Marc Ravalomanana to power, intend to carry complaint against the attackers of the national radio and television facilities, RNM and TVM. 


January 26th, on the hottest moments of the street demonstration directed by Andry Rajoelina and his counterparts, the RNM and TVM’s facilities have been wrecked by hooligans and thereafter set alight.  


The national radio archives turned into ashes. The national station, that had the best TV studio of Madagascar, a brand new one, has been thoroughly destroyed in a matter of minutes.  


Some weeks before Marc Ravalomanana’s hurried departure, only one arrest has been done in this case. Ex-minister Ranjivason, who toppled in the opposition, has been charged for arson of the RNM and TVM as well as the havoc of MBS radio and TV station headquarters, belonging to Marc Ravalomanana, on the same day. He has been freed shortly after the putsch.