Sunday , 2 October 2022
Pierrot Rajaonarivelo's MDM political party is mourning one of its own. One of the pary's candidates commonly known as Ramamibe, basically supposed to run legislative elections in the capital city's First District, has been bluntly gunned down twice in a row in his home while he was in the closet. The police forces are leading the investigation.

a legislative election candidate shot to death

For the time being, the main questions related to the murder remain unanswered. Ramamibe used to be a political animator in the low and hot places of Antananarivo city. His son heard the gunshots, stepped out of the house to take a look and spotted the suspects hitting the road over the house’s fencing wall. They were said to have claimed nothing of value, apart from Ramamibe’s life, which was apparently their main and single target. A reckoning related or a politically motivated murder? that is the question, the investigation is expected to reveal many more details about it all