Monday , 8 August 2022
The Clerical Leaders' Movement has been allowed to organize a prayer gathering inside the stadium of Alarobia, located north from the capital city. This new appointment might not fail to attack the High Authority of Transition's deviations.

A prayer gathering on Easter Monday

The clerical leaders have recently denounced the latest wave of arrests operated by Antananarivo city’s dictating authorities. The pastors stated to the press later on, that these series of arrests were the basic definition of deterrents.

The Clerical Leaders’ Movement is going to lead a prayer gathering in the stadium of Alarobia on April 05th. The ceremony will start in the afternoon, but since the day is basically dedicated to merriments, various forms of entertainement are equally on schedule.

The Clerical Leaders’ Movement has been appearing very much criticizing against the HAT policy from scratch Andry Rajoelina’s supporters are considering the movement as being sustained by the exiled president, Marc Ravalomanana.