Monday , 4 July 2022
As an outcome to its latest mission in Antananarivo, the SADC’s mediation team led by the South African Vice-Minister, Marius Fransman, gave 15 days more to complete the amnesty bill. The bill will have to be assessed by the parliament in view of a potential approval. Quite a random decision, bearing in mind that a parliament made of not a single elected deputy will be the one making the final decision.

Amnesty: deadline extension conceded by the SADC

The Marc Ravalomanana sphere warned Marius Fransman in advance that the court which condemned the former president was absolutely not legal. Marc Ravalomanana should be allowed to recover home soil without any amnesty law. Parliamentarians supportive of the exiled president know that they can’t expect any significant weight in any of the chambers. Many political groups with no national base have been introduced into the parliament by the High Authority of Transition. And most of them are reluctant to concede any amnesty to Marc Ravalomanana.