Saturday , 2 July 2022
The political truce didn´t come true, In the end, the political spheres tackled rounds of negotiations during the celebration period. The general political trend is seemingly worrying. They are apparently longing for an even longer transition

An increasingly longer transition

Le Congress and the transitional Superior Council  are yearning for extra time. They made it clear at the very announcement of March 11th´s elections. Their members are obviously dying for remaining a wee bit longer than basically expected on duty, without having to face up to foregone lost elections.

Rounds of talks with the opposition´s political spheres have been started, mainly in order to convince them to buy the idea and share the cake. Extra time are supposed to be deals as a consequence.

This form of transition was basically meant to come to an end with the year 2009, then with 2010, Now it  migh likely be reaching the end of 2011, in compliance with the High Authority of Transition´s will