Monday , 4 July 2022
The High Authority of Transition took the liberty to present the next electoral commission members. Without arguing over the concerned figures, political actors and observers are convinced that this alleged independence is definitely not serious, since the ruling power is deemed to have the last say. As an example, the Decentralization minister introduced Ralitera Andrianandraina as its representative inside the commission, a previous political prisoner. The HAT’s president rejected his appointment.

An independent electoral commission, is it ? Bullshits!

Each department has officially included its representative into the electoral commission. Ralitera Andrianandraina was however ruled out and replaced. Most likely a far too problematic variable for the HAT. The former officer in charge of the High Constitutional Court’s security service was put behind bars by the HAT in 2009 in the run of the political crisis’ development, then released in 2011. The general political situation hardly altered ever since. His wife Ihanta Randriamandranto, equally entitled to a stay behind bars, entered thereafter the national unity government under the Marc Ravalomanana sphere colors.