Thursday , 1 June 2023
The president of the High Authority of Transition does no more want to hear about "cohabitation" with the other political mobilities. International mediators keep on insisting for the moment.

Andry Rajoelina rejects Jean Ping’s proposals

Jean Ping’s presence as President of the African Commission in Antananarivo might not be enough to insure a happy ending to the Malagasy political crisis. Jean Ping’s proposition, which holds the present stumbling block in account, has already been rejected by Andry Rajoelina definitely opposed to joint management of the Transition.
Jean Ping’s new proposals constantly refered, as a matter of fact, to the Maputo and Addis-Ababa agreements signed by the Great Isle’s four political mobilities, and was consequently rejected by the team in Andry Rajoelina.
Jean Ping suggested the reinstatement of Eugene Mangalaza as national unity Prime Minister, then the holding of a constitutional referendum prior to legislative and presidential elections meant to be conducted alltogether for the sake of saving both time and money. According to this diagram, the Transition would be ending by November 2010 all for most.
All the institutions described by the Maputo and Addis-Ababa agreements would have to be restored prior to any popular consultation, something terribly anoying for Andry Rajoelina. The latter would merely consider an eventual postponemnet of his legislative elections of March 20th as his lone eventual concession.