Monday , 8 August 2022
The leader of the transition, Andry Rajoelina, no longer makes a secret of his anger towards the striking civil servants. The threat of depriving them from wages did not work as expected; stubborn workers are now threatened of being fired once for all

Andry Rajoelina threatens to get rid of striking civil servants


Rajoelina’s ulitmatum particularly targets the striking healthcare system and education departments’ civil servants. Trade unions gathering doctors and paramedical staff on one side, and public school teachers on the other one, actually happen to be the most obstinate strikers. The transitional regime was already compelled by the teachers’ strike to postpone the official exams. And this is seriously beginning to get on Rajoelina’s nerves, as a matter of fact.

The striking civil servants do however seem bound to struggle to the end. The requisition of some 250 striking employees was reported by trade unions to the State Council. Requisition actually means the same as forced labor and pending wage deprivation as a sanction.