Monday , 4 July 2022
The civil society’s Alliance and Coalition are having a tough game trying to join hands in order to reach a national consultation and a settlement for the Malagasy political crisis.

Both of the civil society’s groups increasingly coming together

Talks between both of the civil society’s groups are in progress. The civil society’s Coalition remains for the time being the single institution in charge of the national debate dimmed to take place by the end of August.

The civil society’s Alliance led by, a former minister’s wife under Marc Ravalomanana’s regime, is famed for being inclined to support the ousted president. This Alliance has repeatedly confronted the High Authority of Transition all along the latest months, certainly not to Andry Rajoelina’s supporters’ liking.

Both of the civil society’s groups realize now that any believable national debate must involve the civil society’s largest majority, including all of the country’s political orientations