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Everyday life

Being a shepherd in a contrasted capital city in 2014

This district is still part of the urban municipality of Antananarivo city. Andranovory is located at the east end of the capital city. This is where we often encounter 15 years old Manjaka, a young shepherd who usually grazes his few dozen sheep in the fields, grass of which has been dried out by a cold of winter soon coming to an end by the beginning of September. Read More »

Ilakaka, the rogue sanctuary recovering human shape

The history of Ilakaka, the southern homesteaders' town crossed by the National Road 7, a few miles away from the Isalo national park, the small remote hamlet by what was merely 20 years ago called a stream, is made of the stuff of US American Far West legends. Its notoriety it owns to its primary commodity, its underground teeming with sapphires. Read More »

Hery trades on the streets and dares the odds

From the very beginning of the crisis, the number of wandering merchants and backstreet traders settling their foldable stores over Antananarivo city' sidewalks has been regularly shooting up. One of their thousands on the streets of Tana is named Hery. Things used to be different earlier. He used to serve as security agent in a knitting factory. Then the factory finally had to shut down at the beginning of the year 2010. Read More »

Francia, former tax free zone worker, now prostitute

There is a growing number of women compelled to go down to the street for a living, as a result of professional breakdowns. Most of them lost their jobs in tax free factories to the Malagasy political crisis triggered by the year 2009's putsch, and keep struggling to get back on their feet. Read More »

“Before the crisis, I used to own ten computers and have ten employees”

The political crisis has taken a significant toll from the professional world. Frederic is a young self making man in the information and communication technology field. Up to the year 2009, he used to have ten employees working for him. He has been having to figure another breadwinning job ever since. Read More »

Toavina and Heriniaina: public school pupils as well as beggars

They waylay potential donors assessed according to their clothing or to their manners. Toavina and Heriniaina, two brothers aged 6 and 4 draw their hands on a daily basis for peanuts to get their daily bread. Full time beggars, are they not? they are not exactly, for both kids actually visit their district's public school anyway in Ankorondrano. Read More »

Fulgence, a rickshaw driver`s saga

he earns his living with Ar600 to Ar800 at a time in Water City, the Vakinankaratra region`s main stronghold located some 140 miles in the South of the national capital city. The rickshaw has long been making Antsirabe famed across the island, as an exotic transportation mean and as a job provider for hundreds of families in the region. Read More »