Monday , 4 July 2022
Various street demonstrations were recently expected to take place. The political movement of former president, Marc Ravalomanana, scheduled a meeting on May 12th over the Place of Democracy in Ambohijatovo. The "forbidden" area keeps on being locked and guarded by the military forces openly supportive of the High Authority of Transition. Unwilling to face up to pending clashes, the movement’s leaders present made towards the Magro square, in which demonstrations have been held daily during the latest three years. The decision apparently pissed some supporters off, as they were definitely bound to deal with the security forces the hard way.

Demonstration in Ambohijatovo: The Ravalomanana political spheres gives in

Once inside the Magro square, some demonstrators vividly protested against their leaders’ attitude. Two weeks ago, the crowd’s attempt to enter the place of democracy ended into clashes with the military squad. Internal division has equally been denting the exiled president’s movement since the year 2009’s putsch. This has long become an open secret. Ravalomanana’s most devoted supporters are longing for the political sphere’s complete withdrawal from the transitional institutions. They do no longer hold the roadmap as the right crisis settlement, but rather as a loophole serving the ruling power’s will and as a way to keep Marc Ravalomanana out, away in South Africa.