Thursday , 1 December 2022
Four months are left to the presidential election's first knock out round, the National Independent Electoral Commission struggles to complete its mission. The CENIT's officials unveiled the famous software system expected to handle the whole electoral register. Their presentation did however not fully convince the members of the "Initiative pour la Transparence et l'Harmonie des élections à Madagascar (ITHEM)" or Initiative for Electoral Transparency and Harmony in Madagascar. This group actually believes that frauds remain likely in the current census of voters

Elections 2013: the CENIT still has much much to do


the CENIT conceded that the electoral registered used on the Island during the year 2010’s referendum had some 1 480 000 doubles, that is to say voters’ names registered at least twice into the same register. Thanks to the updated and improved version of the SIGEM software, supposed to manage the elections in Madgascar, the registers will be allowed to expect being rid of these doubles as well as of some other forms of inconsistency, according to the electoral commission’s technical staff. Nevertheless, the members of the ITHEM group do not yet rule every potential system failures, for example identification card number doubles lurking inside the electoral registers: “ghosts might be added up to the electoral register and endowed with very real identification card numbers already belonging to very real people” declared a member of the ITHEM. The Electoral Commission’s technical staff is currently working a register out supposed to be ready and closed in June 2013. He, whose name is nowhere to be found on the electoral commission’s census list, consequently stand no chance at all to ever appear on the next electoral register. The SIGEM will manage this register and no other. As for the electoral results, the Electoral Commission declared that the software expected to manage them would be underway