Thursday , 1 June 2023
There is a growing number of women compelled to go down to the street for a living, as a result of professional breakdowns. Most of them lost their jobs in tax free factories to the Malagasy political crisis triggered by the year 2009's putsch, and keep struggling to get back on their feet.

Francia, former tax free zone worker, now prostitute

“I used to be working in a tax free factory. The company shut its doors by the end of the year 2009 because of the crisis” introduced a 27 years old woman named Francia. As many others did, she decided to go make a living on the street until a better job opportunity emerges. Tsaralalana has been a prostitution stronghold for decades, so to speak. “Prostitution might well be viewed as an easy way, but I actually have no other way out in sight for the time being. I have a child” she explained. Her child’s father has hit the road long ago. The couple’ story was short and had no happy ending. “A majority of my friends here is away from husband or former boyfriend” told Francia out while winking at walking by men staring at her. It is 23:11 local time in Tsaralalana, at the heart of the capital city. “I go on duty twice or thrice a week, depending on my financial needs” she resumed. When being asked about political points, she only reveals: “I don’t like this Andry Rajoelina. I lost my job back in 2009 because of him”. Indeed, the putsch conducted in 2009 actually prompted several dozens of those tax free companies to close and leave. They used to export processed textile products to the United States of America, as part of the AGOA commercial deal conceded by the United States to a certain number of African countries. It is history ever since. Francia reminded that the girls do what it takes to recover better job whenever they can: “some girls were standing here few years ago, then recovered steady situations later on. Some of them even got married again”. Until her turn comes, she keeps on living her life with prudence: “I have to be back home before 04:00 a.m. by and large”. The measure basically deems to avert suspicion from her neighborhood in Ankadindramamy, about 3 miles away from Tsaralalana.