Sunday , 23 June 2024
Political observers are impatiently waiting for the African Commission's President's new proposals meant to put an end to the crisis.

Jean Ping’s expected wonder solution


Jean Ping is expected in Antananarivo on January 21st. His collaborators have entered the Malagasy territory on January 20th. After the failure of the latest International Contact Group’s meeting, the President of the African Commission African is being expected to provide a renewed second breath to the resolution of the Malagasy crisis. 

Any solution would be a miracle, according to many. Since the transitional president had decided to break his ties with other political entities, any possible compromise has been increasingly becoming a matter of fantasy. Andry Rajoelina is decided to rule the transition all alone, and plays double or nothing. 

The risks are yet huge for Rajoelina and his brood of…collaborators. The international community jointly rejects unilateral initiatives as the organization of legislative elections on March 20th for example. Meanwhile, the army is increasingly divided although its most active fringe remains loyal to the transitional leader. An eventual mobilization from the so far silent fringe, still loyal to the ousted President, Marc Ravalomanana, might be the missing spark to this volatile situation