Monday , 4 July 2022
The Malagasy former president addressed his supporters at the Magro square and confirmed again that he would soon be back and run the next presidential election. He welcomed the national unity government’s efforts to turn out an amnesty bill, argued however that he would not need any amnesty at all

Marc Ravalomanana: „I don’t need any amnesty at all“

The former president does not deviate from the logical way. As a matter of fact he welcomed the production of the amnesty bill, although being ruled out by its contents. The Ravalomanana sphere members who entered the current transition did not react in face of this political exclusion, unlike different other political spheres which displayed vivid outrage. Marc Ravalomanana and his sphere actually do not feel compelled to react in anything for they do not recognize the very condemnation of the former president at all.  The trial related to the shoot out of February 07th 2009 is being considered as illegal, and Marc Ravalomanana, as not guilty. Another investigation is actually underway