Saturday , 2 July 2022
The ousted president’s delegation chief made it clear that Marc Ravalomanana’s political sphere will not take part into the dialog politically patched up by a mixture of groups claiming the civil society’s identity, and boosted by the High Authority of Transition

Marc Ravalomanana’s supporters boycotting the national dialog

Fetison Andrianirina, from Ravalomanana’s sphere of influence, is holding the “national dialog” as one more of the High Authority of Transition’s unilateral loopholes. No Ravalomanana sphere involved in. It is consequently expecting the same reaction from the other ones.

The national dialog’s preliminary talks are supposed to be taking place by the end of July throughout Madagascar’s 119 districts as the national dialog itself is expected to come true on August 21st. So reads the new calendar published by the Raiaman-dreny mijoro, the meeting’s promoter