Monday , 4 July 2022
The local IRS (internal revenue service) requires no less MGA 172 billions from the TIKO corporation belonging to the ousted president Marc Ravalomanana, or the appropriate compensation, for the repay of arguably unpaid taxes. The action is everything but contributing to the settlement of the Malagasy political crisis.

Marc Ravalomanana’s supporters standing up for one of TIKO corporation’s factories

Since the beginning of the latest week, Marc Ravalomanana’s supporters have massively been taking position all around the TIKO corporation’s factory located in Andranomanelatra in order to prevent the factory’s belongings to be seized by the ruling power. Even the supporters’ meeting usually held in Antsirabe was especially transferred to the aforesaid location to this end. Civilians entrenched around the factory are, by so doing, appearing bound to confront and deny access to tax collectors and ruling power’s soldiers unwilling to give in to the challenge. Defiance against the unwanted ruling power and against its justice does radicalize, for this battle’s stakes happens to be court decision’s legitimacy and a handful of dollars expected to financially keep the transition afloat for a little longer