Thursday , 1 December 2022
The ministry for communication evoked with a certain number of the capital city's public and private editors in chiefs the organization of the election within Madagascar's order of journalists.

Medias: the election of the order of journalists in focus

The election of the Council members of the Journalists’ Order was the focus of a meeting between Nathalie Rabe, minister for communication, and some of the capital city’s editor-in-chiefs. 


This election was supposed to have taken place some years ago but it has, somewhat, gone down in oblivion. Madagascar’s current president of the Journalists’ order, Rufin Rakotomaharo, has normally been elected in 2003 for a three years long mandate. Although, no election has been programmed ever since. 


Before the holding of an election, yet, the concession of a new press card has to be programmed. Eventually, an updated list of professional card holders will, at least, have to be established  


A task force has been put in place to care about the organization of the election. Such election has long been expected by some journalists quite eager to give Rufin Rakotomaharo a piece of their mind.         


Journalist for the Malagasy national Radio station, Rufin Rakotomaharo is considered as one of the proxies of the former president Marc Ravalomanana, in spite of having previously walked alongside Didier Ratsiraka’s Arema party. The man has never been keen on politicizing his job on top of the order of journalists.  


Now, some journalists close to the High Authority of Transition are whispering their intention to contest the order’s elections. Clearing for new action!