Monday , 8 August 2022
To be or not to be presidential candidate…the High Authority of Transition´s president is appearing elusive on the issue during an inauguration ceremony for a new hospital in Antananarivo.

Presidential elections. Andry Rajoelina maintaining uncertainties





Political debates have repeatedly addressed the incoming potential presidential candidates´identity. Andry Rajoelina said in 2009 that he would not be a candidate. The transitional leader has later on regularly been appearing elusive in his speeches.

The one produced on January 20th was no exception. Concessions would be the price of having him refraining from running the presidential race, a candidacy yearned by his supporters, and as so extensively rejected by the international community.

Some voices are now longing for the four political sphere leaders to keep out of from the process. Some others are longing for exactly the opposite, namely all of the island´s leaders technically bound by the Maputo agreements to run the race in order to grant the chance of a fair choice to the population, as a decisive settlement to the political crisis