Wednesday , 22 March 2023
The disappointment is huge for the supporters of ousted president Marc Ravalomanana as a consequence of the new amnesty bill happening to be ruling the former head of state out, condemned by the HAT’s justice for murder in the case February 7th, 2009. True reconciliation between the main opposing sides in this crisis is definitely impossible. Everyone is in expectation of the Ravalomanana sphere’s reaction to this. Logically, it is supposed to pull out of from the crisis settlement process. The movement’s leader has however not yet given the green light.

Ravalomanana sphere: To go or not go? the next question

Members of the movement complained on Monday, April 6th at the SADC’s office in Antananarivo and made their malcontent clear. Marc Ravalomanana preferred to leave the choice to its own ones. “You were willing to enter the transition weren’t you? You will find the way out by yourselves” he responded in a phone line call to his supporters gathered in the Magro square. How will the sphere members who joined the government and the parliament react? The ordinary supporters are just waiting for their resignation. They are apparently not clearly bound to oblige. Some might have been enjoying their position more than expected