Saturday , 2 July 2022
General Richard Ravalomanana made the attempt to arrest former president Marc Ravalomanana in South Africa public. A squad would be bound to take off. The declaration is namely ridiculous, for there are no judicial cooperation treaty between Madagascar and South Africa

Ravalomanana vs Ravalomanana : Richard is yearning to capture Marc

Only the signing of the roadmap is the cause for so much concern about the exiled president. The situation is tenser than ever, although the signing was supposed to restore appeasement.

The high Authority of Transition is flexing muscles again. Richard Ravalomanana´s rise to the top of the police forces would have been dictated by the ancient spirits, as well as his duel with an opponent of the same name. Prior to being appointed General, Richard Ravalomanana was on top of Antananarivo´s state police