Saturday , 2 July 2022
The pending collapse threatening the country has drawn a handful of retired generals to react. The latest of their rare declarations recalled the Malagasy armed forces’ duty. The message is being directed at the current military top command. This action happened to be inspired to the retired generals by the recent military led repression of public and peaceful demonstrations into the capital city as well as by the poor military performance on air.

Retired generals emphatically calling to order

The declaration recalled that the protection of the civilian population and goods was the army and police forces’ basic mission. The retired generals emphasized that the aforementioned armed forces were not allowed to serve as a repression tool at the ruling power’s service. Besides, the retired generals made clear that the civilian authority ordering the resort to violence had to be physically represented on the ground during the demonstration.

These retired officers are holding the strict implementation of the law as the way to avoid potential deviations likely to lead to the bloodbath deemed to widen the gap between the civilian population and the armed forces. Such a stand significantly outlines the army’s much, far too much controversial position into this political crisis