Saturday , 2 July 2022
Rosewood stocks will be sold out. The transitional leader ordered it. The ruling power will see to it. And this was actually no surprise. Once brought down by the ax, precious wood trunks have to be sold out before they drop in preciousness. But here is the catch: the authorized trade is likely to prompt people to cut more standing trees down and do what it takes to get them through controls into the existing stocks of logs captured from the Great Isle's natural parks, and retrieved from illegal hideaways. It would be so again as it has always used to be.

Rosewood trade opened… again

According to the transitional leader, Andry Rajoelina, the amount of money to be returned by this rosewood trade would help the armed forces to support the pending elections. The decision does not lack of controversy and quickly becomes a cause for sharp comments. “The armed forces happen to be his priority again while scores of other population layers are in need of urgent support. What about university students for example, currently striking in claim of their scholarships?” mocked the satirist Gothlieb in an early program on the RDJ radio waves. The NGO engaged into environment protection actually have much more serious ground to worry about. The illegal plundering of national reserves is on the verge of getting triggered by the resumption of this trade. “Thousands of containers stuffed with illegally cut rosewood have been exported since 2009” described one of them. Through this action from the ruling power, all hell is a few days away to break loose… again