Thursday , 9 February 2023
Several dozens of Marc Ravalomanana's supporters are still locked in the Malagasy jails. Their situation has been failing to evolve since several months. Now, they are tackling hunger strike as a way to shake the predating coco tree.

Some political prisoners chosing the hunger strike option

Some of them have been behind bars since a full year. Some others have freshly been arrested. Their common ground is their support for the exiled president Marc Ravalomanana. Some militaries are also part of the flock.
Since the beginning of the week, these political prisoners have been refusing to indulge any food in, as a new mean to keep on struggling. Many of them have been vainly waiting for their trial for months. The present political indictment rate is rather on the rise. The High Authority of Transition hinted recently that a new wave of arrests subsequent to the challenges of March 29th would strike.
The hunger strike of the political prisoners is extending from the detention facility of Antanimora to the penitentiary of Tsiafahy, south from the capital city, basically dedicated to common rights criminals.