Friday , 21 June 2024
The Madagascar's Cup's replayed semi final match has partly erased the scenes of violence which spoiled the game in Mahajanga. Fair play triumphed on the pitch while the young but overmotivated Antananarivo player largely outclassed their opponents.

Tana Formation vs AS Comato: the victory for fair play


Tana Formation beats AS Comato by 4 goals to 0, game over.  Titi Rasoanaivo’s soccer school of expressed its joy with moderation. Hugs with the opponent players and congratulations from the coach of Toliary were part of the demonstration of fair play, yet still disrupted by whistles from Antananarivo’s supporters who did not yet swallow the violence directed against Tana Formation’s “kids”. 

 AS Comato’s president presented his apologies to all those who have been shocked by his players’ poor behaviour. Too flat and short of fair play, commented some fans of Tana Formation. Anyway, the soccer school club of Antananarivo was keen to play again as imposed by the federation. It wanted to “show the right way forward, as well as the meaning of playing football as good winners or losers”. 

The team has been decimated by injuries following aggressions perpetrated by opponents in the Rabemananjara stadium in Mahajanga. Tana Formation had to replenish its staff with fresh new elements. The young substitutes brilliantly got the job done by scoring 4 goals against opponents previously trailing the starting eleven by 2 goals to 3 when the match was interrupted at the 88th minute. With the advantage of playing the game at home with rabid supporters, the team successfully operated a clean sweep. 

AS Comato’s coach blamed his team’s counter-performance on tiredness. His counterpart from Tana Formation greeted the attitude and the correct performance produced by the players from Toliary despite the tension before the match. According to Titi Rasoanaivo, his young team will not yet appear at full strength against the AS ADEMA in final on Sunday November 15th. It will be the match between David and Goliath.