Saturday , 2 July 2022
The High Authority of Transition is straining to dampen the opposition´s voices with parties and celebrations. The opponents to the fourth Republic however refuse to keep quiet

Tana shared between celebtations and concerns about an annouced political truce


The oppostion´s meetings are still being continuing, be it in a Magro square or at former president Albert Zafy´s Villa Elisabeth. The HAT´s adversaries are definitely not intending to give up despite the imposition of the fourth Republic

The ruling power is calling upon a political truce during the celebration period. Fair game. International mediators keep on addressing the main Malagasy parts in Antananarivo for the sake of reaching a solution to the crisis.

By the end of 2009, supposedly a peaceful celebration period, a mutiny attempt failed in one of the capital city´s military base camps. Actually nothing is pledging any genuine truce since March 2009´s putsch. Andry Rajoelina´s opponents certainly have more than a card up their sleeves