Monday , 8 August 2022
The former prime Minister regularly denouncing the political authorities abuses has freshly provided mathematical proofs of the fact that both the"TGV - Rajoelina" constitution´s and the referendum held on November 17th, 2010 are illegitimate.

Tantely Andrianarivo: a constitution accepted by 31% of the voters!

Tantely Andrianarivo  keeps on explaining the political reality in his regional tour. He argues that the constitution enforced by the referendum held in November 2010 is illegitimate since scores of voters have been sidelined. “The impossible was done to boost the participation rate, up to allow people to vote without electoral card and even without ID card,” he complains.
The AREMA party member´s maths are basic: “in 2010, they identified 7.2 million voters, 52% of them did vote. Eight months later, they state provided the exact number of  8.5 million voters. ” He outlined besides, that a million voters have been removed.
Tantely Andrianarivo believes the Yes vote in the referendum not to be legitimate: 44% of people voted and 31% voted yes. “This referendum was not legal, the international community has not accepted it, and still they want us to sign a roadmap deemed to rule the country during the transition, do they?” has he concluded.