Monday , 4 July 2022
The views and analyzes are still legion few just days to the BANI case related trial. An observer argued that the concerned soldiers would have done nothing improper, and that "these officers’ acts have been demonized."

The BANI case, an issue between military officers aware of the need to lead the country out of from crisis

The officers would have been simply motivated by the will to drive the country out of from the crisis when trying to recover unity within their own ranks divided by politics. “This division has been opposing general Raoelina, supportive of Ravalomanana to Rakotonandrasana Noel and Randrianasoavina Charles, the rebels supportive of the current dictating regime, and Colonel Coutiti and some other ones in dispute with General Raoelina and co. since 2002. The militaries did let prime minister Camille Vital and his staff, the defense minister and the CEMGAM know about the on-going event.. Particularly the CEMGAM supported the initiative to empower the armed forces in the execution of political decisions” declared this observer.
The question is thereupon, what went wrong so that officers gathered inside the BANI base camp were pointed at for allegedly threatening national security. Their trial will take place on March 19th.