Monday , 4 July 2022
The Clerical Leaders’ Movement (local HMF), mainly founded by protestant parsons, recently renewed in a statement its support to all Malagasy nationals currently militating for more freedom and more justice in the Great Isle. Good day for the various demonstrations namely claiming freedom of speech, isn't it?

The Clerical Leaders’ Movement is exhorting citizens to militate for more justice

Clerics are speaking out again in reaction to the Malagasy political situation which may be compared to a ditch. Madagascar is finding it extremely hard to put an end to the crisis created by the year 2009’s putsch. Even the Federation of Madagascar’s Christian Churches (local FFKM) recently addressed the ruling transitional power with quite critical words and tone.

The HMF declared its faith in the final victory of justice as the single outcome of this struggle for freedom and social order. Few days ago, this very same HMF actually did rally no less than fifty various groups jointly claiming a thoroughly reshuffled transition in Madagascar.