Saturday , 2 July 2022
The movement of the ecclesiastical leaders account of the new members. Pastors opposing the High Authority of Transition are back to the front political stage.

The clerical leaders’ support is growing

The movement was basically made of pastors stemming from the FJKM reformed church. The movement’s leaders had to wither for a while, for security reasons, as a quite a few of them were wanted by the ruling authorities. 

According to the leaders’ declaration, some clerics stemming from various confessions just joined the movement. The new members would stem from the Anglican church, the Catholic church and from the FPVM protestant church, though its previous proximity to Andry Rajoelina. 

Following the confrontation between the national state police’s intervention force (FIGN) and the High Authority of Transition’s soldiers on May 20th, eight of the movement’s clerics had to run away. They were on the scene during the confrontation, and considered as accomplices. Another pastor is, ever since, been remaining behind bars.