Friday , 20 May 2022
Located some 55 miles from the Capital City, the road to Tsiafajavona directly leads to the feet of Great Isle's third highest peek, fairly visible from Antananarivo city

The conquest of the heights of Tsiafajavona

The mountain has long been inspiring the poets of Antananarivo. Rising high above the ground, more than 2600 m tall, the peek of Tsiafajavona dominates the Ankaratra, a range stretching over nearly 60 miles on the central highlands. Tsiafajavona is entitled to the bronze medal of Madagascar’s highest peeks, beside Peek Baoby in the central southern part (silver) and Tsaratanana in the North (gold). It is possible and not very demanding to reach the top of Tsiafajavona, which literally means “ever foggy one”: first set off to the East from the Capital city, then drive on the track leading to the town of Manjakatompo from Ambatolampy; several paths lead from there directly to the top of Tsiafajavona. Mindful of the traditional symbol of the mountain, experimented guides are available and gently offering their services to unaware strangers coming for a ride. A certain number of taboos eventually have to be respected, still, climbing does not take longer than a day or at best, few hours