Saturday , 2 July 2022
The amended roadmap was signed by the Malagasy political groups, might however not secure the end of the crisis

The crisis´ next chapter : Marc Ravalomanana yearns for going home, the HAT threatens to arrest him

Supporters of former president Marc Ravalomanana do welcome his pending come back. So does the High Authority of Transition´s justice minister, Christine Razanamahasoa, who promised to arrest him immediately.

Satisfaction is apparently being displayed by each and everyone but the Ratsiraka sphere, which has not yet signed. The roadmap is actually not a jointly accepted political deal. The document might well have been signed, conflicting parties are more divided than ever.

Marc Ravalomanana´s security on Malagasy soil is still an issue that hasn´t yet been clearly addressed. He is actually entitled to rely on significant support from the armed forces; a case which would potentially lead to confrontation. On this account, the former president is rather straining to draw the SADC to grant some diplomatic protection