Monday , 8 August 2022
General Noel Rakotonandrasana is no more popular within the green machine. This previous CAPSAT camp rebels' chief and main actor of March 2009's putsch, would now be on the verge of being fired.

The defense minister in the eye of the storm

The rebels who put their grip  on power have never been much beloved by their comrades. Silence has, however, repeatedly been prefered, although the army’s unity has, so far, significantly been put to the test. In the name of solidarity, most militaries chose to give in to the law of the strongest. 

The HAT defense minister, Noel Rakotonandrasana, is definitely looking upset from all sides The recent genera has even been  suspected of a coup attempt aiming at altering the transitional leadership by his peersl.  

Some officers came up to proposing the replacement of the defense minister. Leaflets requesting his departure have also been finding their way through some military barracks. Andry Rajoelina will have to decide. But even this will prove to be difficult for him. He actually owes his rise to power to these former rebels, and equally his on going grip on power to their support.