Sunday , 2 October 2022
A delegation from the opposition met the SADC mediator, Leonardo Simao, on Thursday March 10th. At the end of the meeting, the Marc Ravalomanana sphere´s representatives confirmed that the draft will first be presented to the former president who will have the last say

The draft to be presented to Marc Ravalomanana

A delegation is already getting ready to join South Africa by plane, and meet the ousted president exiled there since 2009. Marc Ravalomanana himself is going to decide about his political sphere`s position related to the draft. 

The presence of a Ravalomanana sphere´s delegation when coming to sign the draft on March 9th, in the international conference center in Ivato, was actually followed by various commentaries. Mamy Rakotoarivelo, the sphere´s number two swiftly made clear that this presence was a matter of honoring the SADC´s invitation and accepting a “draft” as part of the process.