Monday , 8 August 2022
Besides the general beauty of the scenery, the two waterfalls are one of the well known spot on mountain Andringitra.

The legend of the two waterfalls on mountain Andringitra

The two principal water falls of the mountain of Andringitra are called respectively Riandahy and Riambavy.  Names relate to the masculinity and femininity.  Indeed, according to a legend, a royal couple, remained in sterility during years, but did have children after having taken a bath on the two water falls, in accordance with the recommendation of a priest.  Today, the legend remains.  It is very respected.  But one does not come any more to see the water falls to have children.  Rather for the beauty of the site.  The legend however made it possible to reinforce the respect which owes the surrounding population with the water falls of Andringitra.  A circuit leading towards Riandahy and Riambavy was set up.