Saturday , 2 July 2022
As a reaction to three years of countrywide troubles, the FFKM is about to take over the mediation role for the sake of reaching any settlement to the Malagasy political crisis. Madagascar’s four main churches’ leaders invited the main decision makers in this political tournament to recover the negotiation table again.

The Malagasy Confederation of Christian Churches tackles the mediation within the current political crisis anew.

The FFKM, actually the union of the Catholic church, the FJKM reformed church, the Lutheran church and the Anglican church, was by the beginning of 2009 engaged in mediation issues into this Malagasy long term crisis. On March 17th, 2009, one dared blow changed the odds: parson Lala Rasendrahasina, the president of the FJKM church, was violently dealt with by insurgent soldiers supportive of the putsch process. The FFKM has been making itself scarce ever since.

The complete lack of progress finally drew leading clerics to actively contribute to the settlement of this never ending crisis. The FFKM has for decades been closely involved into the Island’s political matters and exercising a much relevant influence over national concerns. It has repeatedly been summoned whenever political classes show their limits in dealing with certain issues. Its contribution is now being required anew. Such a recovery of the front mediation scene will be tackled on June, 10th, by a common prayer ceremony