Saturday , 2 July 2022
The common front deemed to oppose and challenge Andry Rajoelina’s regime is gradually rising up. Trade unions newly came together and jointly denounce the three years long poor governance and "dictatorship" of a dramatically inefficient High Authority of Transition. The movement of clerical leaders pledges support to the unions’ demands with good grace.

The movement of religious leaders and trade unions do join forces

In the run of a press conference, the magistrates’ trade union, the Central Bank’s agents’ trade union, the transport companies’ trade union, the teachers’ trade union and that of the paramedics have raised up and made one common stand clear: “Nothing does make sense anymore, the transition has become a loophole serving treasure hunters and a trick aiming at raising money to prepare elections” declared Arnaud Augustus from the union of magistrates.

Parson Philibert Ramamonjisoa from the Movement of Clerical Leaders (local HMF) has rather emphasized his concerns for his fellow countrymen as his duty as clergymen, hence, the HMF’s pledged support to the union of trade unions.

It was first and foremost all about uttering thorough exasperation caused by the transitional clique’s three years long governance. Were denounced at such an occasion the HAT’s illegal practices and the military crackdown on demonstrations exercised against various political movements in Antananarivo.