Monday , 4 July 2022
The opposition members, apart from some members belonging to the former president Didier Ratsiraka's sphere, turned France invitation to attend the celebration of July 14th.

The opposition boycotting the French national day v

No political leader either from Albert Zafy or from Marc Ravalomanana attended the ceremony at France’s ambassador’s residency. Ambassador Jean Marc Châtaigner regretted somewhat this absence. The High Authority of Transition’s government was represented by the Prime minister Camille Vital and about ten ministers. 

The opposition has been criticizing since 2009 France’s stand in the Malagasy crisis. The ousted president, Marc Ravalomanana and his supporters have always been accusing France of supporting, one way or the other, the putsch originated regime. 

The French ambassador addressed the “consensus” idea in his speech. He equally addressed the compulsory need for elections. Jean Marc Châtaigner has, however, surprised the audience, when addressing the need to suppress the “paramilitary” forces created by the High Authority of Transition, like the special Intervention force (FIS), mostly a group of former military rebels, which has been being an issue since the year 2009. Rajoelina’s supporters already roar after the “interference.”