Sunday , 2 October 2022
Some newspapers did not publish anything on January 2nd 2014 in the capital city, most likely for the sake of having a deserved break, recovering their spirits before the next engagement in this new year potentially rich in events to come.

The press temporarily knocked out by a hangover

The latest weeks have had their fair share of relevant political developments. The legislative and presidential elections held together on the same day as climax of the crisis settlement process captured much attention. It is far from over yet. Further events will unfold, first of them the release of electoral results. The press may expect to play a significant role. The short break was welcome to do away with a big hangover left by a five years long crisis’ frenzy. The year conclusion break was also welcome to some media groups yearning to reorganize its ranks. So does the private channel DREAM’IN. It is currently devicing new facilities. The channel suspended its broadcast of news in between.